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The Hook Norton special

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The Hook Norton gothic inspired Victorian brewery is a special place, evocative of a smaller Charlie in a chocolate factory, both in its facade and standing in this unique part of the world.

Unwind along some country roads then jump off the coach to visit the charms. Along with a focus on the shop, bar and a snack and welcome jar. Brewery tours of the production process from grain to pint can be agreed separately according to numbers, balanced with existing demand at the ticket office and venue/coach trip timing.

We also stop at a number of venues including the Pear Tree and/or the Sun and the Castle on Edge Hill.

With a mystery select food option at the end of the tour...

With a pop up BBQ option included by special in advance for the tour party, on either a Monday or Wednesday by prior arrangement.

A brief visit to the National Herb Centre can also be included depending on pick up and drop off location and timing.

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